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Whether you are completing a full bathroom refurb or are simply looking to make some updates to your space, spring is the best time for a fresh look.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and just like the natural world is reviving and reawakening, it’s the perfect time to refresh and revitalise your bathroom space. Changing even a few small details in your bathroom design can make a huge difference. From updating accessories to incorporating a luxury bathroom sink, there are plenty of ways you can breathe new life into your bathroom.

Read on to discover four of our tips for creating a fresh new look that feels like a brand-new bathroom. Looking for more bathroom ideas? Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration.

Muted Walls

Achieve that new bathroom feel this spring by focusing on your walls. It could be a lick of paint, adding wallpaper, or incorporating some panelling, but take some time to consider the look and feel that you want from your bathroom. You can work around existing colour schemes or create a completely new style with a mood board. If you’re considering a new countertop basin, look at more understated wall designs to really let your basin shine. Get that cohesive, designer feel by combining a decorative basin with a plain painted or panelled feature wall. Or simply create a spring like finish by using pastel colours such as baby pinks, pale blues and soft greens – the perfect way to brighten and invigorate your space.

Similarly, you can create the illusion of an entirely new bathroom with wall panelling. Shown above, our stunning Amara basin has been paired with a simple panelled feature wall. The harmonious nature of the white and pink wall and white surface of the Hugo vanity unit  really lets the design of the basin shine. The whole look is then tied together with accents of gold in the Hugo vanity unit’s frame, as well as the Austin gold mirror, our Jackson tap in brushed brass and  Theo waste & bottle trap in brushed brass.

If wallpaper is more your style, consider a simple design that accents other aspects of your bathroom design. Combine your favourite styles to make something that suits your taste. Above you’ll see our Florentine basin paired with a simple white Ottoline Devries patterned wallpaper. This effortlessly picks up the blue and green accents of the basin to give a really unique feel.

Click on each of the items in the image to discover more.

Accent Accessories

Simple, yet effective. Swap out some of your current bathroom accessories for new pieces that enhance that fresh bathroom feeling.

From your towels and bath mats to mirrors, finding new accessories that fit your scheme will leave you feeling refreshed and your space looking new without much effort.

Why not add some extra greenery to your space? Potted plants, flowers, or  simply a few stems in a vase can make a striking addition to your bathroom design. Add them to shelves, corners, or windowsills for a pop of green – perfect for spring – or even to add colour in the darker months. These can be either real or fake; some varieties of indoor plants make wonderful additions to bathrooms. They absorb extra moisture as well as purify the air.

Even the smallest of accessories can make a difference to the feel of your bathroom. In this design, the beautifully simple Angelica basin has been paired with simple gold accent accessories such as a soap dish to emphasize the gold petal rim. Small details like this not only help to pull your whole bathroom design together but leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Alternatively, understated accessories can be functional but still allow focus to be on your standout bathroom features. As you can see above, our bright and eye-catching Marnie Yellow basin has been paired with subtle and stripped-back cream and light pink accessories to let the colourful design really stand out. Our Marnie Blue basin can also work with this colour scheme as it uses a beautiful sky blue backdrop for the Indian-inspired pattern.

Freshen Your Furniture

Vanity units for bathrooms are often under-appreciated parts of the room’s design and overall feel. They are a fantastic way to utilise current trends when redesigning your bathroom without a full refurbishment. Why not replace your old and dated vanity with new one? Consider a wood finish for a natural and understated vibe. Or if you’re going for bright and fresh, try a white surface finish.

Our selection of vanity units for bathrooms come in various sizes perfect for any bathroom space, and are made to perfectly complement our hand-crafted basins.

Combining furniture styles and accessories gives the opportunity to create an entirely new aesthetic. See above how our Mini Felix single vanity unit is paired with the unique touch of the Sophia basin. With the smooth white quartz surface, this design seamlessly blends the wall design and bathroom accessories together and also allows the basin to truly shine.

Botanical Basins

Our final tip for freshening your bathroom is to incorporate a new basin design. Basins like our luxury bathroom sinks at London Basin Company add a focal point to your bathroom, letting the design speak for itself.

If you’re sticking to the spring feel, we would recommend floral-themed basins to bring the outdoors in and brighten up your space. Floral designs such as on our Layla basin in blue or green below bring a hint of playful luxury to any bathroom space. Alternatively, for something less intricate but still striking, try our pastel-coloured Sophia basin, pictured below. With its mint-green hue and asymmetric Bamboo design, Sophia perfectly captures that natural, spring-like tone.

Our stunning and unique bathroom sinks come in a variety of designs to suit any style.

London Basin Company

Looking to make a statement for your bathroom for the new season? Why not consider our high-quality, unique bathroom sinks to make an impression? Our inspired collection of vanity units for bathrooms, mirrors, taps, and more are available and were made to match our luxury countertop basins. Browse, be inspired, and shop the collections online today. For more information on our basins or for bathroom design advice, get in touch.


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