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Small bathrooms can be tricky things to design. Having a smaller space should not mean you have to compromise on style. Despite a more compact space, there are small bathroom designs that ensure the space provides a luxurious feel. Whether you’re working on your ensuite bathroom, a downstairs powder room, or the bathroom you share with the entire household, here’s how to make it work—no matter the size. Continue reading to discover our top 5 tips for small bathrooms.


Lighting is key. Natural light from the windows is sure to provide the illusion of open space. This effect is maximised by having a de-cluttered windowsill and installing light-coloured curtains or blinds. If it’s not possible to have lots of natural light pouring in, then clever use of artificial light can really give the impression of more space. It is widely recommended that large, dominating light shades should be avoided.

London Basin Company Lighting


Mirrors  make a room feel bigger than it actually is. Incorporating a large mirror into bathrooms will reflect the light, creating an open feel.  If the space permits, opting for a mirror that covers the wall behind the sink and toilet will give your bathroom the luxury hotel aesthetic. This modern bathroom idea is often enhanced by including a mirror above the vanity unit. This is a great way to increase the sense of space while framing your porcelain basin.


Where space is really limited, opt for a floating basin to take up the least amount of space. Our Finn Basin Support Brackets  are specifically designed to create an ‘invisible’ platform. This both saves space and creates the illusion that your basin is floating. It is remarkable that saving a small amount of floor space can make an entire room feel bigger.

London Basin Company Floating Basin


The design of small bathroom tiles plays a key role in the room’s aesthetic. Tiling is a durable way to add impact to your bathroom or cloakroom. At London Basin Company, we recommend using tiling from the floor to the ceiling to make your space feel larger than it really is.


Not only is a wall-mounted faucet a real space-saver, but it’s also stylish, modern, and easy to clean. Our Oscar and Theo Taps come in a range of finishes to suit the colour scheme and style of your bathroom. This small bathroom idea allows you to save space and maximise style.

London Basin Company Luxury Taps

For advice on how our products can help with your small bathroom design, get in touch today. Our range of luxury basins, taps and accessories is perfect for a variety of spaces. You can reach us by emailing info or call us at +44 (0) 208 749 1267. Alternatively, view our full collection online.


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